The History of Redditch

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These two ‘pocket’ histories give an overview of the history of the town.

The first one is a timeline of the period from before Redditch existed as a settlement to the present day, the second shows the expansion of the town using annotated maps from an early period in the town’s history.

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Some Useful Links      The Vision of Britain site has some information including maps The on-line encyclopaedia - Wikipedia - has an entry for Redditch with some history. This has the history of the local Webb family with a substantial Redditch history. The Arts in Redditch site has some local information (fountain, palace theatre etc) Moon’s Moat is a designated historic landmark and the site of a medieval moated house I have a site which has history based walks around the town  represents the main archive of the work of the Redditch Local History Society

Timeline Expansion